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Rodney M. Goodman B.Sc., Ph.D., C.Eng., SMIEEE, FIEE.

Neuromorphic VLSI Systems Research

armpitsThe Electronic Nose The silicon nose is a multi-disciplinary project that involves chemistry, biology, and electronics. Developing a functional model of the mammalian olfactory sense is arguably the greatest intellectual frontier in chemical sensing, and electronic information processing. General olfaction remains elusive for several reasons: in particular the lack of realistic biological models, the availability of practical chemical sensors that function in a manner similar to biological receptors, and the development of neuromorphic silicon architectures that model neural processing. Our ultimate goal is an understanding of the biological architecture of general olfaction, and just as importantly the construction of a single chip neuromorphic electronic silicon nose capable of odor classification and location.
The Silicon Active Skinactive skin
The active skin is also a multi-disciplinary project, involving researchers in the fields of MEMS, Fluid Dynamics, Control Theory, and Electronics. The objective of the project is to integrate micromachine sensors and actuators, neural network sensory processing, and control circuits all on the same silicon substrate to form a “smart skin”, capable of reducing drag on an aircraft wing. In nature, such a system of actuators controlled by biological neural networks is believed to exist in the shark. The drag reduction implemented by this “smart skin” contributes to the high speed of the shark, which is the fastest creature in the ocean.
 Analog Computation and Learning in VLSI (pdf)
 A Real-time Neural System for Color Constancy (pdf)
 Analog VLSI Implementation for Stereo Correspondence Between 2-D Images (pdf)
 Recurrent Correlation Associative Memories (pdf)


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