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Rodney M. Goodman B.Sc., Ph.D., C.Eng., FIEE, FIEEE.

PhD Alumni:

Hull University UK:  
W.H. Ng  EE PhD, 1978 Optimization of Decoding Procedures for Convolutional Codes.
K.A. Salloum  EE PhD, 1983 Error Control Coding for a Multi-Level HF Data Transmission Modem.
A.F.T Winfield  EE PhD, 1984   Maximum-Likelihood Sequential Decoding of Convolutional Error Correcting Codes.
A.J. McAuley  EE PhD, 1985 Public Key Cryptosystems – Theory, Application, and Implementation.
Caltech USA:  
Padhraic Smyth  EE  PhD, 1988 The Application of Information Theory To Problems in Decision Tree Design and Rule-Based Expert Systems.
Tsi-Dar Chiueh  EE  PhD, 1989 Pattern Classification and Associative Recall by Neural Networks.
Sean Coffey  EE  PhD, 1989    On Complexity and Efficiency in Encoding and Decoding Error Correcting Codes.
Kathleen Kramer  EE  PhD, 1991 Large Operand Division and an Asynchronous Approach to Fault Detection.
John W. Miller  EE  PhD, 1992   Building Probabilistic Models from Databases.
Masahiro Sayano  EE  PhD, 1992  Analyses of Coding and Compression Strategies for Data Storage and Transmission.
Andrew J. Moore  CNS PhD,1992 Spatial Filtering in Tone Reproduction and Vision.
Charles Higgins  EE  PhD, 1993   Classification and Approximation with Rule-based Networks.
Hayit Greenspan  EE  PhD, 1993 Multi-resolution Image Processing and Learning for Texture Recognition and Image Enhancement.
Gamze Erten Salam  EE  PhD, 1993     An Analog VLSI Architecture for Stereo Correspondence.
Zheng Zeng  EE  PhD, 1994  Recurrent Neural Networks for Grammatical Inference.
Barry Ambrose  EE  PhD, 1995   Dynamic Routing of Telephone Traffic Using Network Management Tools.
John Cortese  EE  PhD, 1995 Stochastic Computation.
Bhusan Gupta  EE  PhD, 1997 Analog VSLI for Active Drag Reduction.
Jeff Dickson  EE  PhD, 1999 Adaptive Systems in CMOS Analog VLSI.
David Babcock  EE  PhD, 1999 Intelligent Control Using Generalizing Case-Based Reasoning with Neural Networks.
Randy Spangler  EE  PhD, 1999 Rule-Based Analysis and Composition of Music.
Cindy Daniell  EE  PhD, 2000 Object Recognition in Compressed Imagery.
Sanza T. Kazadi  CNS PhD, 2000 Swarm Engineering.
Samuel Tang  EE  PhD, 2001 Neuromorphic VLSI Circuits for an Electronic Nose Chip.
Vincent Koosh  EE  PhD, 2001 Analog Computation and Learning in VLSI.
John Lindal  EE  PhD, 2001 An Investigation of Classification Algorithms for an Autonomous Software Agent for Locating Information on the World Wide Web.
Adam Hayes CNS PhD, 2002 Self-Organized Robotic System Design and Autonomous Odor Localization.
William Agassounon EE  PhD, 2003 Modeling Artificial Mobile Swarm Systems.
Post-Docs Advised:  
Tony McAuley  1985-1988 VLSI processors and asynchronous logic.
Dawei Dong  1995-1996 Neural networks for automotive drivetrain applications.
Alcherio Martinoli  1999-2001 Collective robotics.
Jeff Dickson  1999-2001  Nose chips.
Vincent Koosh  2001-2001 Analog VLSI.
Ian Kelly  2001-2001  Robot hardware systems.