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Rodney M. Goodman B.Sc., Ph.D., C.Eng., SMIEEE, FIEE.

Cognitive Systems Research:

Conference: Can a Machine be Conscious The Banbury Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 13-16 May, 2001.
Presentation: Machine Consciousness and Adaptive Model-based Predictive Controllers for Mobile Robots
Presentation: DARPA Workshop on Cognitive Surveillance , September 10-12, 2002, Redbank, NJ.
Presentation: DARPA Workshop on Navigation, Locomotion, and Articulation, November 11, 2003, Arlington, VA.

I am interested in discovering the “reason” for consciousness in higher mammals, and why biology has evolved this system for the control of complex organisms.  The goal is to then use these principles as the guiding architecture for complex cognitive robots and other autonomous machines. In collaboration with Christof Koch (Caltech), David Chalmers (University of Arizona), and Owen Holland (University of Essex, UK), I co-organized the first ever conference on “ Can a Machine be Conscious,” which was held at the Banbury Center of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in 2001.



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